Shower Quest

The awesome fragrances of AXE Shower Gel give guys the scent they need to get the girls. Problem is, not all guys know that these mind stimulating gels can help them in the mating game. And unfortunately, the dudes that don’t know about AXE are the ones who aren’t getting tail. And as a result of their lack of hooking up, these are the dudes that are “taking care of business” in the shower.

That’s why AXE has the opportunity to let these guys know that when they’re “taking care of business” in the shower, they’re missing out on the real action, with real girls in the real world. And if they use AXE Shower Gel they’ll be putting themselves in a much better position to make it happen in the mating game.

We’ll communicate this by creating a story that’s so outlandish, everyone will be talking about it. Introducing “Shower Quest - Journey to the Promised Lands.

Sam motion test

We’ll launch a 2:00 episode that will begin the animated adventure. This episode starts with Sam arriving to the “Drain of Sorrows” where he meets all the other sperms who never made it to the “Promise Lands”, to get there according to the legend they have to give Axe shower gel to their makers so they start a journey to accomplish this.